Clicking tag (observations with this tag) should include "&verifiable=any" in the URL

I added the tag “JPB005” to this observation:

But it does not appear in the list of observations having this tag:

(10 entries found, 11 entries expected).

This lasts for maybe half an hour.
If I log out and log in, it’s still the same.
If I close Chrome and clean the cache with CCleaner, it’s still the same.


Since that’s a Casual grade observation, you have to uncheck the box “Verifiable”:


Thank you.

But I expect to get them all when I click on this button, from an observation showing the tag:


If I put the flag on this observation, it’s because I want to include this observation in this search.

(Moreover, in the present case, the “Casual” observation is from a botanical garden, so it makes sense, it may help to confirm the identification of the other “Wild” ones, by comparing them).

So I confirm my request, reformulated: the click on the tag button is expected to list all observations with this tag. (Otherwise we need too many manual actions to get the expected result).

I modified the topic and title to reflect that this is a request. Thanks for clarifying!

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That’s fine. Thanks a lot.

Actually I think this was just overlooked, so more bug-like than a missing feature. I moved it to #bug-reports

(I posted a similar bug report yesterday: