User's observations link missing verifiable=any and place=any

Description of problem: The links to a user’s observations, that now lead to Explore instead of the old observations page, should include the parameters verifiable=any and place=any. This was mentioned in a few topics so far but I don’t think it was yet singled out as something that needs to be fixed.

Observation links lead to
but should link to

Platform: Website

URLs: Homepage ( and any user’s profile or profile subpages, e.g.





When I go to a user’s observation pages, I’m usually coming from the Identify when I noticed a new user for some reason (e.g. posting human artifacts, choosing a CV suggestion that seems obviously wrong, or even something innocuous like added the observation as an unknown and has a low total observation count) and I want to check their other observations to see if those share the same issues that first attracted my attention.

Not being able to see all their observations by default as I could previously means I miss a chance to inform them if their other observations are missing data that kept them from showing (like location or date, or failed to upload media) in Identify.


Yeah, it’s been annoying me as well. Added an issue here:


“Therefore I think those links include the verifiable=any and place=any (if the latter is necessary?)”
The place=any is definitely necessary, because if you have a default place set, as I do, the setting will persist on the page in question. It’s very odd to be on the profile of someone not local, see they have 502 observations, but then when I click to look at them it says “no results found.”


I think these are all good now, but let me know if any were missed. These should lead to[username]&verifiable=any


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