Identify page / Filters / Verifiable check box

I think there was a “Verifiable” checkbox here:

I used it often, so I regret its loss.

Now I have to remove “&verifiable=true” from the URL.
At least, I can still get the same results this way.

I am not getting crazy, here it is, in the Observations page:

It’s only ever been in Explore, Identify never had this checkbox. You can see it’s not there in this screenshot from April.

BTW, I suggest to have the same “Filters” popup wherever filtering is relevant.


Sorry for the repetition.

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Can you get the desired result by selecting Casual but not Captive?

Yes, it is equivalent. For instance:

403 observations of Stachytarpheta in Hong Kong, with this URL by default:

473 observations, after unchecking “Verifiable”:

Then, switching to “Identify” and restoring the adequate filters to be exhaustive, I get again (15 x 30) + 23 = 473 observations:

In fact, my need was not to Identify, it was to better see the pictures, so I just ought to use the “Grid” view like this:
But I neved used this view before, only out of habit.

Casual but not Captive is not equivalent to Verifiable.

Verifiable means:

  • has a date
  • is georeferenced (i.e. has lat/lon coordinates)
  • has photos or sounds
  • isn’t of a captive or cultivated organism

So selecting Casual but not Captive still returns observations without a date, without a location, or without photos/sounds.

My initial intention was to get all possible observations.

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