Clipped & overlapping text for Complex with long name and thin-ish window

Platform: Website

Browser: I tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on latest macOS (Sonoma 14.2.1). Probably also happens on Windows.

URLs:, (e.g., presumably)

Screenshots of what you are seeing


Description of problem:

The text is clipped in one spot and overlaps in another spot for a leading identification with long Complex name.

Step 1: Visit the URL listed above.

Step 2: If you don’t see the clipped/overlapped text, make the window thinner until the image snaps down into a smaller size, which signals an overall layout shift with less horizontal room in the column with the IDs. At this point the layout problem occurs.

Maybe this happens with any sufficiently long scientific name, not just for Complexes?

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I can verify it happens on Windows 10 Chrome when I snap iNat to half screen view.

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Me three, but I am zoomed in for a larger font - so I get the scrambled version across the full screen. Windows 10 and Chrome.