A member cannot add observations to a Project

Greetings from Ioannina, Greece.

A fellow colleague appears to be a member, but when she uploads her observations she cannot click on the Project and add the observations.

In other words she has observations with coordinates within the area of the Project, she is a member but the observations do not appear on the Project.

Please enlighten me!!

All the best

Most likely observations don’t fit one of filters or accuracy circle is too large, you need to link a observation and project in question, otherwise it’s impossible to say what exactly is going on.

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Please include URLs of the project and the observations in question, it’s really helpful to have specific details.

That being said, I suspect these FAQs will cover the issues brought up here:


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Thanks for replying,

The URL of the project is the following:


That’s the URL of the member’s observations


Please notice that I have just received a message from a second colleague that has the same problem.

Thank you for your interest :blush:

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Your place is
But their observation (one of them) accuracy is
It’s too large for place bounaries, so ask them to reduce it so it would fit in or make place larger.

Also, there’re many duplicates and non-marked captive and cultivated observations, when new people come to platform for bioblitzes it’s a hard process for them, so resources should be brought for teaching them how to use the app correctly.


Melodi thank you but still I don’t get it. What do you mean “it’s too large”?

I can see that the colleague has made an observation that’s within the boundaries of the area.

With regards to observations we can delete them. Indeed training is necessary, I had a two hours session introducing INat.

So could you please explain it in other words?

Much obliged,


From help page.

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Yes I read that already. Well now it’s clear to me. Thank you so much!!


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