Traditional versus Collection project?

Hello, I work for a local government and am helping to organize a several day bioblitz. I am wondering about the benefits of traditional versus collection project for our type of project. One of our goals is to engage directly with people through journal posts and possibly prize giveaways. Through the journal posts and pre-bioblitz advertising, we hope to provide information and education to participants about their role in biodiversity protection, and the local government’s commitment to biodiversity. Does the traditional project or collection project lend itself better to this type of engagement? We are leaning towards a traditional project so that we could have more direct engagement (I think?) but also are worried that people will be turned off by the extra step they need to take to join our project so may have fewer people involved over all. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

It really sounds you just need a collectional bioblitz project that is perfectly fine for advertising, you can look up CNC projects as example. Traditional project is needed when you need that level of filtering not available in collectional projects and it requires much more action to participate.

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I agree with @marina_gorbunova. Collection projects are the way to go for the use you describe. You can add journal posts to them, and they get sent out via email to everyone who decides to join the project. Everyone else can still visit the project page and see all the activity. The best part is that they don’t need to join the project to have their observations show up there.

I use Traditional Projects only when I need project participants to add more information than just the what-where-when to their observations. Traditional Projects allow you to require or recommend extra observation fields every time an observation is added, which can be very helpful in some cases. A general purpose BioBlitz shouldn’t need that though, and the extra step of needing to join a traditional project is a complication you don’t need if you’re trying to engage lots of people.

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