Combining images

How do I combine several images that have the same date and time and should have benn combined in the first place?

Delete extra observations image
add photos to one observation you chose, you can do it by clicking on icon under photos:

Or drag+drop the photo in this icon. Also in Edit you can add photos using button under “Select One or More Photos” and then saving it.
To add, combine only those of one specimen, different ones even with same date and place can and should be posted separately.


Same thing, but see also

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if for some reason the person didn’t save the original photos it will be impossible to re-upload photos under the chosen observation. In this case should the person be advised to edit the original photo and then click on the image and select ‘save as’? Then upload this new image and then delete the original replicate observation.
Quick question: will the images saved from iNat be of lower quality than the original photos?

Sure, save the file, it’s 2048 pixels wide max.

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This is the answer for what to do if the original files are gone. I’m not entirely sure but think the photo quality is slightly lower when saved, which is good to keep in mind for all photos. Although that also raises questions like: Does the quality of an original photo lower when being uploaded the first time? Does quality (appearance) differ between being viewed on iNat and viewed on a computer or phone? etc.

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