Combining places

There’s a greenway near my house that has undergone a good deal of extension over the past few years. Due to this, there have been several places assigned to the greenway based on the length of the trail at the time (it is now completed). For example, this location seems to refer to how the trail was prior to 2018. This location seems to refer to the extension made in mid-late 2018, although it also contains a bit of the section already covered by the previous one. Another section (in my opinion, probably the most biologically significant one) was made in late-2018 to early-2019 but does not yet have a place for itself.

My question is, would it be possible to combine these two places (and add the ones that contain the more recent extensions) in order to create one large place for the whole length of the greenway, in order to make the locations a little less outdated? I guess I could create a brand new place that includes the whole greenway in its finished state, but it may lead to confusion with the more outdated places.

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Since we can’t flag places, I’d recommend emailing to resolve it

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