Can’t create new place

Hi All,

Sorry for reaching out like this but I am working with a narrow timespan. I am attempting to create a GSB project as a part of my role with a government department.

I can’t add new places even though I have 51 observations. I have a very new account - could this be a problem?


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The observations need to be verifiable, see for more details.


it also takes the system a little bit to register that you’ve passed the threshold. Is there any chance that the areas you need already exist as places?

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Thanks, I hadn’t seen that post.

Do you know of anyone that can make an exception?
In lockdown so I shouldn’t really be collecting samples as it is.
I might have to cancel the project if I can’t sort it out.

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It might be possible for staff to make an exception, but you’re already really close to 50 and I think you can probably get there without even leaving the property. Windows are a good place to look for spiders or insects. Maybe you can see birds out your window. Sidewalk weeds are good too. Or maybe you have old photos you could post?


I definitely recommend looking through your old photos for any species. It’s fine to upload back-dated observations, as long as you can manually add on the location with reasonable precision. A lot of my observations are wildflowers I saw before joining iNaturalist.


Good idea, I’ll keep cracking on


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