Comment form on website continually clearing and emptying when observation updates

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox and Chrome

URLs: any observation

Screenshots of what you are seeing: Intermittent/not screenable glitch. *Though see second reply for a recording of the issue.

Description of problem:

Step 1: Open an observation.

Step 2: Either make an ID that changes the community ID, or any other method requiring the page to update (adding new photos, ticking data quality boxes). This can be done by yourself, or by someone else at the same time as step 3.

Step 3: Type a comment. Several seconds later after applying any of the previously mentioned changes, the page “updates” and the comment field is emptied. This also simultaneously results in sections such as “top IDers” and “observations of relatives” being refreshed due to the recategorization, as intended, but it all seems to occur in the same event. This can happen several times in a row as the page seemingly finalizes the changes. I think the several times might relate to changing community ID + applying research grade.

Step 4: Frustration because the two sentences typed just vanished, again. Or several sentences if the connection is being slow. I’ve had full paragraphs vanish.

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Though I guess I can share this:



probably the same thing as this:

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Good call. It’s definitely a recent bug.

Yes, does this to me all the time too.

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Might this explain why I have received a notification that a user made a comment on an observation, yet when I visit the observation there is no comment?

Oh yes - me too. As a workaround I have been trying to remember to add the comment first and then tick any boxes / add any ids.