Common name language and place prioritization

It doesn’t work for me. For example, if I set the language “Prioritize common names used in this place” to France, but keep the language settings as default, the common names show up in English. If I change the locale to French than it does show the common names in French. But that’s not what I would like to do: I want to keep the system language English but show the common names in my local language.

This is on the web interface using Firefox 67.0.1.

Because the site is already translated into French, in most cases there is no need to enter to use the names from France. The only real case for doing it is if say something was called a different name in France and Quebec.

If you switch the site to run in French, you will see the French names. If you want to continue to run the site in English but see names in French, you are pretty much out of luck. It does work, there is no bug, but as detailed above the supporting data is not entered.

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Thanks for the feedback. If I set my locale preference as “default”, and I set “Prioritize common names used in this place” to e.g. Croatia, then I can still see e.g. Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard) even though there is a corresponding Croatian name in the taxonomy page. I tried a few other languages, with some of them it works (e.g. Norwegian), but with others it does not. What am I missing here?

Thanks again.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know that for languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian etc that the site is not translated into, when they enter the common name, if they do not do that 2nd step of associating it to be used in a place, it has no impact.

To make matters worse, once a translated name is entered, only the person who entered it, or a curator may edit it (this is locked down because of an unfortunate history of edit wars which have taken place over what names should be shown).

For example, I just associated the entered Croatian language name to be prioritized for Croatia, and now you will see it as such under those settings (I cant remember, you may have to logout and then back in again, but I dont think it is needed).

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Wow - thanks a lot. This is good to know, but this is quite cryptic information, I also didn’t know that when I added new local names. Maybe it should be added to the guidelines next to the ‘add new taxon name’.

There is an open ticket to add the places functionality to the page when you add a name, but no indication if or when that will happen.

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I also submitted this request to run a job to do it for all stuff already entered, we’ll see if it gets taken up

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