Common names showing in a mix of Italian and English

I’m experiencing a similar issue, but only for some species. I’m not able to find any pattern in this behavior.

These are my settings for the favorite language:

This how an observation and a taxon pager is displayed:

And this is the taxonomy for the observed species:

One more time: this is happening only for a few species, not for all.

Is your language also set to Italian? I believe that’s different from prioritizing names from a place. So if a name isn’t set to be priority in Italy, you wouldn’t see it unless your language was Italian.

Hi Thomas,
My browser language is set to English. As y7ou can see from the snapshot below.

But my observations are a mess with a strange mix of Italian and English common names:

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Since this question isn’t related to the Android app, I moved it to its own topic.

Edera terrestre isn’t set to be the default name in Italy, whereas saponaria di roccia is, for example:

There is an existing feature request for allowing users to display common names in their preferred language:


Thank you,
Now I understand. I guess this is intended for languages like English and Spanish that are spoken in several countries. Italian is spoken almost exclusively in Italy. That makes language and place look redundant.

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