Common names in CSV download are in German

I just downloaded my life list using the taxonomical hierarchy as a CSV file. The last column is a common name, but it is all in German. What setting do I need to update in order to get those in English? They do appear in English when I view my observations online.

See this topic from 2020

I was having a similar problem, lists were downloading in random languages. iNat redid some things with the lists and the issue stopped for me, but I haven’t downloaded any of my lists in a while, so it’s possible the problem has arisen again.

Also, take a look at the GitHub discussion:

Interesting. I tend not to use common names, so not a big deal for me. I just found it odd. I like the cache idea.

Common names are often problematic, but they are extremely useful. You run across a lot of extremely knowledgeable people who are utterly untrained, so all they know are the common names, and a lot of non-professional literature uses common names too. In addition, they often encapsulate bits of history.

I’m a firm advocate of knowing common names in addition to Linnaean binomials.


I think it depends on the type of organism. For things like birds and mammals, I think common names are commonly used. For things like wild orchids, especially tropical orchids, common names are not used so much, and when they are used, they often include multiple species.

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