Checklists download in random languages despite no changes to settings (seen in the Taxon Common Name field)

Platform: Windows 10 pro 64x updated

Browser: Chrome (most recent version)


Screenshots of what you are seeing:
Screenshot of the first download:

Screenshot of the replication of the result on the second attempt (different language/text result, still not correct)

Description of problem:

Two different downloads of the same checklist for the area done from the same computer minutes apart give the Taxon Common Name in different languages, neither of them English, which is what my computer, browser, iNat interface, and Excel are set to.

Downloaded and opened in Excel - see screenshots.

2 Likes same issue as Feature request. Later I found out it does not work for lists over 2000 items but works fine for small lists from around 800 species. So it is a bug, not a feature request.

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Are you saying you duplicated it, or are you asking me to duplicate it?

If it’s the latter, I already did before posting the bug report. That’s why there are two screenshots. The first was of the initial bug (downloading in a random language that is not any of the languages any of my settings have enabled), and the second is when I duplicated the results and got a second and completely different random language.


Just tried it a third time on a different computer now that I’m home after work.

Same results (random non-English names/text in the Taxon Common Name column):

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By creating this forum thread you duplicated it. But I found out it workes fine for small checklists but it does not work for checklists wiht e.g. over 2,000 items. Your list has 2,939 items. But you are right and is it a bug and not a feature reqest… I have the same results in Spanish, German, Italian and unreadable stuff, but it does not occur with small checklists.

Small list like this one works OK, so it is a bug and not a feature request:

You can also see that when the progress bar is in English when generating the file and not in the selected language of the GUI your checklist will not have correct common names.

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Just downloaded the CSV and here’s what I see in Apple Numbers (I don’t have Excel):

Probably won’t make a difference, but can you please email the CSV to

I’ll do that once I’m back in the office in a day or two.

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Hi Tiwane,

These lists have English names in taxon_common_name, which is wrong (in my case) but the should be dutch.

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@tiwane Can you reproduce this issue?


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I reproduced it three times over the course of several days, all getting similar results.

Today this checklist appears to have downloaded with the correct common names, barring a couple of small mistakes but…

This checklist is having the same random language and nonsense character issues as previously. Different language from the ones it was jumping to last time.

Can you please send the CSV file to

@ti wane: It means you are not able to reproduce it? You did change your locale to something else then english and your checklist has over 2.000 items?

To whom is this directed?

I’ve replicated it numerous times. The language and locale have never been changed, and the lists I’ve replicated it on are over 2000 items.

When I’m back in the office on Monday (local time), I’ll send the files in.

It goes always wrong if I see this screen (always in the wrong languague) and if I do not see this screen it always goes perfect:Generate screenshot CSV

It always goes wrong if a checklist has over 2.000 items and your locale is not english and always goes well if the checklist has less then 800 items. I should expect that processing is changing to the background when the list has many items?

Ofcourse for Tiwane. You simply can’t miss this bug so I do not understand why he needs a CSV. If the checklist is long enough you get the common names in English (or something different).

Just sent 3 of them in.


It’s always really helpful to see exactly what others’ are experiencing, to look at the files they have, etc., to troubleshoot.


@tiwane I did not find an issue on github. Is the code about places too old and not maintained anymore? Is it not considered a bug?

I just made an issue to use the user’s locale and common names place preference when downloading the checklist which should prevent the randomness here.

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user’s locale and common names place preference

Hmm… so does that means that I’ll have to use a VPN to trick iNat into thinking I’m in an English speaking region if I want English common names?

Where I am there are quite a few species that either don’t have a common name in the language of the country, or the common name used in the country isn’t recorded. I don’t think that’s unusual in many places around the world.