Common names not localized on life lists

Website in Firefox and Chrome, while logged in or logged out.

Logged in (Firefox), change website language from English to Italian, no common name place set, scientific names first:

Logged out (Chrome), change website language from English to Italian:

Refreshing page or re-navigating to it in a new tab after changing the language doesn’t seem to help.

Expect to see the Italian names on the lefthand taxonomy as well as on the cards, e.g. nocciolo, mirto, lentisco, viola, corbezzolo, which are correctly displayed elsewhere:

Odd, it works fine for me with the following settings:

  • running site in Danish
  • common names place set to Canada

I see common names in Danish on both panes with the exception of species which have a specific name set to Canada, in which case I see that.

Guess that this makes a difference?

Made a bug report here:

This has been fixed, working for me now.

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