Como editar no mapa

Gostaria de receber informação sobre como editar a localização no mapa.
Uma foto registrada no Brasil está aparecendo no mapa como em outro continente. Tentei editar mas não consegui.
Tenho pouco tempo de uso do site.


Bem-vindo ao fórum / Welcome to the forum @CidaWerneck
I believe you are speaking Portugese and are wishing to edit a location of an observation to another location.
Eu acredito que voce esta falando portugues Você deseja editar um local de uma observação para outro local.

There is a discussion here on that topic.
Há uma discussão aqui sobre esse tópico.
Editar local no site?

e salve

No Android

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Is this described in any of the guides on the website? I’ve often seen a new users leave the location out of an observation. I can’t leave screenshots in observation comments.

P.S. I know Cassi has provided excellent boilerplate on editing location, but I’d love it if there were an illustrated quick guide or video I could link to as well.

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I’ve never had the occasion to look - things seem to be well covered throughout. I had some time and it was fun. Strictly used Google Translator for the words - hope it meets my expectations. There are some creative ways to add images including screenshots to comments using html. I did so here:
There are discussions about including images through html here:
and here:

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Thank you!

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