Concerning the Amazilia taxon swap

i am deeply disturbed that amazilia had a taxon swap. i used to be one of the main identifiers of the genus and now have to restart my leaderboard standings. this swap will become confusing for me as a identifier subscribed to amazilia because i will have to find the taxons that were swapped for amazilia and will have to pretend that nothing happened. i am sorry that i am ranting about this, but i am as i said deeply disturbed.

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The Amazilia taxon split best reflects current taxonomy; the genus was known to be paraphyletic for some time now (e.g. McGuire et al. 2014), with new genera proposed in the interim. The eBird/Clements 2021 Checklist incorporated those changes, and those changes are now reflected in iNaturalist with the committed taxon swaps.

You can view the 2021 eBird Taxonomy Update to search for the species affected, and to what genera they were moved to. You can also view your own ID page to see the taxon swaps that were completed automatically for you.

It’s important to remember that iNaturalist is not a taxonomic authority - they follow the scientific literature and relevant taxonomic authorities/aggregates when they make their changes.


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