Connection problem on my MacBook Pro


I haven’t been able to connect to the forum from my MacBook pro for quite some time (I have an error message telling me that the browser I am using is not up to date) while on my smartphone (from where I post the topic), I have no problem.

Has anyone else had this problem and managed to fix it?

could you add some more info, e.g., which browser is the problem

On all three browsers on my MacBook Pro (Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome), I have this problem.

Can you post a screenshot of the error you get?
The forum is run by Discourse, so it may be an issue with something on their end. You could try accessing another Discourse based forum and see if you get the same error or if other Discourse users have run into the problem.

The message is written in French

Here’s an example of another Discourse forum: (mozilla) as an example. Does that also trigger the same message/issue?

This “plain HTML” rendering (read-only) is apparently normal behaviour on legacy systems (cf this thread). It seems older versions of iOS and MacOS were lacking support for some javascript functions.

It’d probably help to check your MacOS version as well as your browsers version (in the menu, browser name > “A propos de” / “About”).

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Not problèmes with

Mac OS version : 10.11.6
Firefox version : 78.15.0 (but newer versions don’t work on my Mac)

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Agreed, that looks like the issue. I don’t think that there’s anything iNat can do about this as it’s a Discourse issue, so I’ll tick your reply as the solution.

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I just started having the same page rendering issue with iNat Forum a day ago (ca. Jan. 23) for the first time. See screen capture.

iMac with MacOS 10.14.6; Safari 14.1.2
The error message points to, so I was uncertain (and a little concerned) if it was a legitimate message from iNaturalist. I don’t remember reading any alert or heads-up that would suddenly not be supported by my older versions.
I’m communicating now with Google Chrome 109.0.5414.87 (Official Build) (x86_64). But I prefer Safari as a browser.

Just checked the discourse forum:

This change has now been merged . iOS 12, 13 and 14 devices will now be shown the basic HTML view. We continue to support iOS 15.7+.

From what I understand, they now support from Safari 15 onwards (which you can install on MacOS 10.15 and onwards).

I have to say that I’m a bit surprised at how quickly they’re deprecating iOS/MacOS/Safari versions.

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Unfortunately, my old iMac would not support MacOS 10.15 without a major degradation of performance. Mojave (10.14) already was the cause of substantial problems. Time to save my nickels and dimes and upgrade to a new machine. Sigh…

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