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A previously rejected species has beeen reinstated. How can I find the name of a particular group manager to link the paper so the species could be added ?

I need the manager of Insecta: Diptera: Tipulidae

Thanks in advance


There is no curator designated for or in charge of diptera, it is open for editing by all curators.

Please note changes to taxonomy are currently frozen for approximately 10 days.


Thanks, I will wait till 10th april. But who is a curator in diptera?

There is no curator in diptera, any curator may edit its taxonomy.

Add a flag to Diptera /Insecta: Diptera: Tipulidae and the curator will or will not show up ;-)

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I’m sorry but i don’t understand, I’m here:
and can’t see where to add a flag

Midway down the page
where the bar says Curation
click the dropdown arrow
then Flag for curation


I found it :-) Thanks

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