Couldn't find iNat icon in photo gallery

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So I’m trying to upload observations from the “Photo” app in iPhone, and I’m trying to upload observations from the gallery section (instead of through the app) in the settings, I have the access enabled to the photo gallery, and we have uploaded several photos through the app, but want to go back to older observations (instead of scrolling through the app). I don’t see the options of iNat through the photo app, as seen through the screenshot.

I’m not too sure if the photo app is running an older version, could that be the problem?

Step 1: open Photo app

Step 2: click “share”

Step 3: “cannot find inat app”

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im an Android user, and I’m trying to help another user using it with their iPhone. When I’m in my photo Gallery app on my Androis phone, I would click share, then find the iNat icon to upload it. Could it be that it requires a different method on the Apple devices?

As an iPhone user the way I upload from the phone gallery is via the iNat app.

Open that, click on “observe” in the middle of the bottom of the screen, and select “photo library”. As long as you’ve given iNat access to your gallery you can then select whatever photos you want and upload them.

I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to do it on an iPhone.

As a side note, apparently iNat app development lags behind the app development for Android phones due to some complications with how Apple approves apps (or something like that), so the functionality on the two platforms is a bit different.


Thanks so much for your response. I did a few trial ones on the iPhone and i could upload them through the method you have described. is there a scroll bar on the sides while I’m in the uploading part? because the user wanted to upload some backlogs. :)

You scroll using the screen rather than a sidebar. Just flick up or down anywhere on the screen once the image gallery is open.

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Yes, one can scroll through the pictures to access older pictures. I have to be careful when I do this as, on my iPhone, it is rather easy to accidentally choose photos I am trying to scroll by. Once 4 photos are selected, whether on purpose or not, I cannot choose any more until I go back and unclick those. The screen color changes once 4 photos have been chosen, so I get a clue that I need to go back and uncheck some unintended photo picks.

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Sweet, thanks so much for the responses. I will relay what was said here :)

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If you click on edit, can’t you choose it from there?

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ive tried that, it basically gave me the same options as listed in the screenshots. i guess the Android app is better at sharing from the gallery from the looks of it


Would be nice if this sharing functionality or multiple select will be available in the future on iPhones…or a more gallery way of selecting…with much much less clicks…for example as in this app

The current workflow is not efficient at all.

Although this app is not in “React” i thought the sourcecode was open…Sourcecode and it prevents double uploading.
Step1…Select the photos to upload
Step2. Add info in some fields
Step 3. Upload the files
Step 4. Gray out, Green circle around the photos who are uploaded, in cluding the Returned “location informatien”

Step1 Select the ph


The way I reduce scrolling from the iPhone app in this circumstance is by faving/liking the older photos in the photos app, then going to the Favorites album from within the iNat app. Then I don’t have to scroll as much. If I have a lot, I do it in small batches. Definitely not as easy as the Android gallery access, but I’ve found it useful.


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