Count and taxon names inconsistency across iOS devices

The following screenshots were taken simultaneously from the iOS app with two different devices after refreshing the cache: An iPhone 7S and an iPhone XR. Both running the latest iOS and iNat app version.

Note the inconsistency in total observation count and, weirdly, the taxon name for Phoca vitulina.


Are both devices in US-English?

Was the phoca vitulina observation created on one of the iPhones and then synced on the other?

Yes both devices are US-English.

I use them alternatively for posting to iNat, but I was assuming after refreshing from the server everything would be in sync, observations, upload stats, comments/IDs etc.

I just checked and that observation now correctly displays “Common Seal” on both devices and the counts are now identical :white_check_mark:

Must have been a temporary sync glitch.

Do you remember if you used computer vision to pick the species, or if you typed a name into the search bar?

I am pretty sure I used the classifier but I am not 100% confident.