Reviewed # on Download Differs from iNat

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I’ve been downloading records of observations I’ve reviewed and some of the numbers from the download are disagreeing with the numbers showing up on iNat using this URL structure for various species.

For Painted Lady on the download I see the iconic_taxon_name is usually Insecta but it’s showing up differently for two observations:
For this observation the iconic_taxon_name is Animalia
For this observation the iconic_taxon_name is Plantae

I can’t tell what the iconic_taxon_name is when looking at the observation on the website.

It appears that both observations have a different iconic_taxon_name because of the first ID given. For both observations the initial ID has been withdrawn.

Is this a known bug? I think the discrepancy of 1 that I’m seeing is due to the Plantae observation but I can’t confirm this.

This is from the Excel file I’m using for the downloaded data:



The iconic_taxon_name thing definitely looks like a bug.

I’m not sure what numbers you are referring to in that first sentence! If you are referring to discrepancies between number reported in the explore query, and actual numbers downloaded, then it is likely due to the explore page having a default filter of “Verifiable”. It effectively eliminates any observations marked captive/cultivated from the explore page.

My only concern, which would probably fix the discrepancy, is with the download showing Painted Lady as a Plantae,

The numbers I’m referring to are the downloaded Painted Ladies = 1,271 versus a search on iNat with &verifiable=any: … which is equal to 1,270.

Looking forward to a resolution of the bug showing the iconic_taxon_name as the first ID applied to the observation even though it has been withdrawn and a correct ID made by several iNatters.

This probably has something to do with the discrepancy since it’s how I found the bug.


Someone else wrote in about this, made an issue here:

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@tiwane Thanks for submitting the bug! I see that it’s on a system called ‘github’ that tracks the requests. Good to see and thanks again for submitting this to the iNaturalist team.