Cover image of record from My Observations in app shows photo from different record

Cover image in Android app shows wrong image of a Harveya (from a few observations previous) instead of the correct cover image from as in attached screenshot:

That top observation is of a fern and is shown correctly in the browser My Observations view.

I have also had issues in past with Android up switching images in records or uploading no images despite them being shown correctly in the app - creating great confusion because other users say they can of course not see anything to justify my identification.

About your second thought of Android app — always check how the observation is uploaded with mobile browser, app creates lots of opportunities to loose images.

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I agree, but then I may as well just forget the app and use the a laptop browser later

Well, for me it’s the choise, but I’m not gonna make an anti-promotion of an app now, it’s useful, but not ideal yet.

@don_k can you please send a log file to To send a log file, go to the Settings tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log file to us.

This issue should be fixed now, although it’s possible it could still happen. If it does, please:

  1. don’t edit the observations on the website, but do send URLs of those observations to
  2. send us log files from the app.

Same / similar here.
Here are screenshots –

Also, before upload, I had accidentally chosen the (incorrect, shown) photo of the grass ((actually to be more precise my cat stepped on the screen and chose it for me lol)), then deleted it and replaced it with the Malva photo.

Android version 7.0
iNat version 1.15.2 (387)

Well now the Malva photo is normal but the title of one of my Asteraceae is now Helicoidea…

I am experiencing this on version 1.23.4 for Android. I’ve sent an email with logs and a couple of annotated screenshots to

I’ve been experiencing something similar for a few years; previously I believe it would only give me the wrong photos on the observation page. Now, on the observation page, the incorrect photo (from a previous observation) is shown first and the correct photos are shown as additional photos.