Create sound detail page

Platform(s): web


Description of need: Like photos, a single sound can be associated with more than one observation. It’s not currently possible to view on the website which observations are associated with the same sound.

Feature request details: The feature where a sound redirects to one of its associated observations would be removed and replaced with a sound detail page.

Under the sound on an observation (example), like photos, a (i) icon would be added that links to the sound detail page.


On the sound detail page, associated details would be listed, including, for example:

Attribution with sound license
Uploaded by
Associated observations
Filename (visible only to observer)
File format (e.g. audio/mp4)
File URL (e.g.
Link to flag the sound

If you have an observation with more then one sound recording it is difficult to see the difference between them. With photo’s each photo is identified by a unique thumbnail picture, but each sound recording does not have it. Maybe it is nice to have a length of the time recording (e.g. in seconds) in the tumbnail of each recording or added as an Attribution.

Made a github issue here: