Creating a field, or something, with multiple values for tree-identifying features

I’d like to make something that’d be helpful for IDing unknown trees when the photos show something other than classic leaves and flowers (it’s something I’m not good at, but I’d like to contribute by marking observations – not just my own, so the tag feature isn’t enough).

*Is there currently a project for difficult-to-identify tree observations?
*If not, any suggestions for how to tag what’s visible in the photos: bark and/or silhouette and/or budding leaves etc. With the ability to add multiple values.

Have you explored Observation Fields?

Observation Fields offer ten options related to bark, ten options related to buds, “shape” plus 8 other shape description fields.

I am just not aware how useful these are. But they are there!

Indeed, for example, there’s a field “Bark: Yes/No” which could be used for this purpose, although I’d want to ask the original creator if I’d be interfering with whatever they’re using it for. And create other parameter fields. But too much hand-twiddling required to use it would make it useless for anyone but me. I suppose the Project creation framework has the tools to make a UI for it. I don’t want to make a project unless a) there isn’t one that serves the purpose, and b) people say it would be a good idea.

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