Creating a place does not work even after 50 observations

Hi! I’ve had 50 plus observations for about two weeks now and I still can’t define a new place. Help please!

See screenshot below (the error message that appears “must have 50 verifiable observations to do that”). I did my best to check on what “verifiable observations” mean and I think I met this condition already.



The building block of iNaturalist is the verifiable observation. A verifiable observation is an observation that:

  • has a date
  • is georeferenced (i.e. has lat/lon coordinates)
  • has photos or sounds
  • isn’t of a captive or cultivated organism

It looks like many of your observations are captive organisms, so they aren’t counting toward the 50.


Odd. I created two places I often visit (local parks) and after creating them discovered I had about 45 observations in both places. I went out the next day to make it 50.

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The requirement to have 50 verifiable observations before making places or traditional projects took effect in May 2019.

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You need 50 verifiable observations in total, not in the place to be created, to create a place. If I understand it correctly.

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Thank you for this jwidness! I think this will solve the problem. I will now have to go out and take photos of wild organisms. Follow-up question though:

Are plants growing “accidentally” in an enclosed area considered cultivated? For example, within our school grounds we have many green spaces that are pretty much left on their own. Minimal weeding, no fertilizer input and only the absolute minimum of watering during the dry season is done. Are the plants in these areas considered cultivated? This describes pretty much everything in my collection (I don’t take photos of potted plants and those that have been planted and actively maintained by our school gardener).

A similar case, I think, is when you spot a plant on the fringes of a golf course (not on the green or fairway). Will that plant be considered cultivated even though it is “allowed” to grow undisturbed by maintenance personnel of the said golf course?

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“Volunteers” are generally regarded as wild. Weeds in a lawn are wild, even if thoroughly watered and fertilized.

Thanks clay_s! I will edit my observations then.