Curator application question

I applied to be a curator somewhere around 2.5 weeks ago. Last Friday I received an email from staff telling me most of my application looked great and asking me to clarify one of the 3 hypothetical moderation scenarios in my application (they ask for 1-2 moderation scenarios in the application, I put 3) I responded immediately, but have not heard back

The scenario in question was a user making a racist comment, I said in my application I would suspend the user, but in the email staff asked me what would I do with the comment, would I hide it? I responded that I absolutely would and should have specified this (one of the other scenarios in my application involved hiding insulting comments, so I was clear that I knew to do this, and just wasn’t explicit about it with the racism example)

I’m not real clear on how the curator application process works, I would think that if staff said most of my application looked great, and asked a simple question, the application would be accepted if I answered correctly, and if it were denied I would think I would be told so

I know curator applications take time to review, but it seems like mine was already reviewed last week, I’m guessing either staff is dealing with a backlog of emails and hasn’t gotten around to my response yet, my email didn’t go through, or there is some other issue with curator applications (I’ve seen threads on the forum about applications not going through in the past)

If staff is dealing with a backlog of emails I don’t want to rush them and add to the backlog (hence me posting this on the forum instead of emailing staff), but if there is some other issue I would like to know what to do about it.

So my question is, to anyone who has applied to be curator, or any staff members who happen to be on the forum: Is it normal for staff to review an application, ask a question, and take time getting back to you? (if so that’s fine, no rush) Or does this indicate some sort of technical issue or that I was denied?

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You would know if you were denied. I’m basically working through a lot of emails from users who didn’t confirm their email by sept 6 and getting them back into their accounts.


No problem, I just wanted to make sure everything was working, I don’t want to make you to feel rushed to get around to me

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