How to know if curator application has been denied?

I applied for curator at least a week ago, and I can’t seem to find out if there’s a way to know the status of my application. Will I get a notification if it gets accepted or denied, or will I just never hear anything back if it gets denied?



They should respond to the email with their response. If yes, then they have made you a curator. If not, then they will say what they would like to see more of before reapplying. If neither, then it probably has been missed and you should contact address in the comment above.

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I think there’s a recent issue with applications not coming through, I’m sorry about that. @Aaron567 (or anyone who’s not a curator but has met the requirements) can you send another one with just some filler text in the field(s) so I can see if it comes through? I made a fix that should have solved this.

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Okay, I just sent it.

Thanks, it went through this time so they should work going forward. I was able to dig up your original application as well as the others that were stuck in limbo. I’ll get back to you today, and I do apologize.


It’s all good, thanks so much!

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