How can I be sure I applied to be a curator?

Is there any way to confirm that I applied to become a curator? I definitely clicked “submit”, but I don’t know if it went through. Any help appreciated :)

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As someone who recently applied (successfully) to be a curator, it should have gone through when you clicked submit, but if you wait 3-4 weeks and then have not heard back you can email and ask if your application went through


Thanks! Wish me luck!


May I ask where someone could send in an application? I had no idea that there was an application process in place lol, I had just presumed that users would get invited to become a curator after a long time of activity and contribution on iNat


Pre-2021 any curator could make someone a curator, and people occasionally logged in to find themselves suddenly having become a curator. Since then only staff can make someone a curator, and I don’t think they invite people, not everyone wants to be a curator, you have to apply.


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