Local name failed to show

I already set my preference to show local name (Indonesia). But sometimes it failed to show.


In this example :
Mozambique Tilapia should be “Mujair”
Betta Fishes should be “Cupang”
Both species already have its own Indonesian local-name entry.

This is something that I’ve made some trials and tests… The problem is that even though there’s an Indonesian Name for that taxon…

That name should also be set with an associated priority Place, if you don’t have the entire iNat website on that language (no Indonesian now, I think)

The same happens here in Chile, we have a “Spanish (Chile)” and “Español Chileno” lexicon, you can add local names there, but if my website is set in English, neither of those names will appear, the names change if I set iNat to Spanish, but the more direct way is to add a Place of priority (looong work).

So I don’t know if anyone can go and edit local names, but if you add Indonesia to Place and save, that should work for what you need :wink:

I think that a lexicon could be associated automatically with a place, so we don’t have to edit each name for thousands of taxas to appear with local names, even if they already have their local name added :confused:


Only site curators may edit existing names (which I have done for this species), all users can create new common names, but editing is restricted to curators.

This may work fine in places where a single language is spoken or is very dominant, it doesnt work in multilingual places (for example, but not restricted to Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, South Africa etc)

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Well, it’s true that in multilingual countries can be more problematic, although if two lexicons are given a country as a place, the name will be like “Queltehue” aka “Tero”. I keep thinking that, at least for countries with just one main lexicon associated, it’d save the hassle to associate maaany taxa one by one to a country (if some curators have time and will to do all that).

Since this isn’t technically a bug, I’m going to close this topic and direct people to some of the relevant feature requests:

Please feel free to continue discussions in those topics.

For any further cases like the ones given in the original post, please flag the taxon and a curator can associate the name with the place.

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