Design of map view page in browsers is not fully responsive

Firefox for MacOS screenshot:

On larger screens, button elements of the “map view” are fixed around the middle third of the screen, often obscuring the very data points you’re trying to see. I’m just a dabbler when it comes to webpage design, but this looks like the result of a ‘max-width:’ CSS entry or something like that. Should the map page design not be fully responsive, like the nav menu above it?

This may be separate bug, but I see it as part of the same issue. When I click “Redo search in map”, the resulting custom bounding box is fully responsive (extends to left and right edges) and ends up including a whole lot of extra area. If the button elements are going to remain confined by a max-width, then so should the bounding box. Here’s a Chrome for MacOS screenshot:

Maybe I have the same or a similar problem:

I would like to use search-URLs with place-IDs for map views, but I have to redo the search manually to get the result.

This is an issue that’s been raised a few times in the past, like in this post.

A lot of folks would like this change, and it’s planned, but it may take a while for it to be implemented.

@tiwane Since updating the Explore page is already on the team agenda there’s no need to make this a Feature Request. We’ll definitely take it into account when we’re looking at a re-design.