Did my Android app download a future version of the app when it updated?

My iNat app updated yesterday and began crashing whenever I attempted to add photos to any observations or add identifications to observations that had already been uploaded. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but that didn’t fix the problem. While trouble shooting this today, I finally noticed that the new version that I had was 1.11.27 while the currently available version was 1.11.24. I uninstalled and reinstalled again, and that fixed the problem.

Was the wrong version of iNat somehow made available for download yesterday before it was ready? I’m glad that the problem seems to be fixed now, but this was rather inconvenient since I now have to remake about 90 observations that I had queued up for ID and upload.

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We briefly started rolling out 1.11.27 to a small group of users, but it was causing enough crashes (likely what you experienced) so we pulled it from the Play Store. I’m sorry you were affected.

We’re looking into the crash and it would be helpful to know which version of Android OS is your device running, if you have a moment.

I’m using Android version 4.4.2

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Thank you @dziomber!