Display statistics by taxonomic group on user profiles

Platform(s) : website

URLs : https://www.inaturalist.org/people/[username]

Description of need:
Statistics by taxonomic group on the user profile page (by observations, species and identifications)

Feature request details:
To find out quickly which taxonomic groups a user prefers, it would be quite simple to retrieve the number of observations, species and identifications classified by taxonomic group.
Here’s an example of what this could look like (my current observation statistics) :

The width would be fixed (here 250 px) and the group with the maximum would represent 100% of the width, and the other groups with a proportional width.
Of course, this is a quick draft, which is very optimisable from a graphic/aesthetic point of view!

It could be possible to switch between observation, species or identification statistics, or to display all 3 scores simultaneously.

I approved this but it’s unlikely something like it would be added to the profile page until it’s redesigned.

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There is a pie chart like this in https://www.inaturalist.org/stats/2022/you the year in review.


Would be useful for all the iconic animals.
But no use to planty people.
It is info we can, and should, share on our profile.
And you can display the taxa which interest you.

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On the contrary, I think it helps us to identify quickly whether we’re dealing with a botanist, an entomologist or a mammalogist (for example). And its level of commitment to these disciplines in iNaturalist

Yes, of course. It’s complementary

Thanks, I didn’t know about those statistics! :+1:

Yes, it’s just a suggestion.
But it doesn’t seem very complicated in terms of data (perhaps more in terms of design, so that it looks good on the profile page).

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Entomology seems to attract people who put that info straight into their user name

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