Do observations made before collection project creation get added?

If I create a collection project for a place today, do observations that I’ve made inside that place before today get added automatically to it?

That’s right. You can create a place that has slightly larger area… say 20m beyond the actual, to try and pick up the edge ones. Of course it depends on what the accuracy setting is for each obs. Another option is to be as precise as you can with the pin, and then clear the accuracy circle entirely, not just setting it to zero…

Another thing on the “before” question… if you have a date range then it will only include that date range :)

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Excellent, cheers Mark. And one other quick one. With the accuracy circle, if it goes outside the place by so much as 1m, it won’t get included?

oops, I edited instead of replying, and wiped out the first answer!

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