Does Private Observation Exist?

Newbie here…Does Private Observation Exist? I do not mean Geo Location,

no. as far as i’m aware, the only private observations in the context of iNaturalist (as you’re describing them) are the ones you choose not to record / upload.

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there are a lot of potential ways to implement some sort of privacy feature though. what are you thinking of specifically? i probably wouldn’t advocate going down the path of letting people upload observations that are totally hidden except to the observer, but i think it could be reasonable in some situations to limit observations to a specific circle of users for, say, minors, or to anonymize observations (still viewable but with an anonymous observer).

No, it’s part of what makes iNat iNat:

It’s not a way to collect secret information
iNat is fundamentally about sharing information. If law, local policy, or the particularities of your project require that you keep information hidden from public view, iNaturalist is probably not the platform for you. We do perform some limited obfuscation of coordinates where threatened species are concerned, and if that’s enough for you, great, but if you need more secrecy, seek out a different platform. We totally understand these needs, but we can’t be a tool for everyone.


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