Doorbell video scores big on first day

Our new doorbell cam got 3 wildlife sitings it’s first day.

Bird gets Bug (in my face)

Bobcat? Maybe Hybrid?

And, a noisy hummer, but that will likely happen every day.


I never thought I needed a doorbell camera but now I want one! Forgot it records everything else too! What is the best price and quality?

Yeah, I did not think we really needed one either, but it is a nice bonus to see the animals. Who knew?

I asked my husband why he chose that one (Logitech), and he said it is compatible with iOS HomeKit. As for product recommendations, I don’t follow tech so much any more; but CNET and Zdnet used to be good for consumer electronic reviews. There may be better sites now for that sort of investigation. I think Bass Pro Shop has some fairly inexpensive trail cams, but I have not looked closely those.

(Not counting the ubiquitous humming birds), so far, the door bell cam captured:

Bobcat x4
Chickadee hunting x1
Raccoon x1
Bengal cat (belongs to neighbors) x5
Opossum x1
Lizard x1
Squirrel x1

It has been far more entertaining than anticipated.


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