Easy way of ranking projects by size?

Is there an easy way to rank projects by size (eg # of observations)? I’m trying to find out what the largest projects are that focus on fungi, While the project search functionality generates a long list, it’s neither alphabetical nor ranked by size.



It’s important to remember that collection and umbrella projects don’t contain any observations at all. They are bascially a set of saved search parameters, and when you load the project page iNaturalist runs that search and displays the results. So it’s not possible to include those types of projects in any ranking.

What are you hoping to learn by seeing a ranking of fungus-focused projects?

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Thanks for the response. I’m an admin on a number of fairly large projects focusing on fungi, and I’m trying to learn and be inspired by other such projects around the world, eg if they have any quality standards in place, if they engage with their members through posts and so on.


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