Edited observation, with location change, still displayed on map at old location

This observation was mistakenly posted at an Albuquerque NM location, and when I ID’d it I commented at the unexpected occurrence of the species in this location. The user then realized a mistake and revised the location to San Angelo TX.
But the observation still shows up on the map in the Albuquerque location.
Screen shot attached, not that it helps you much.
I’m using Safari 13.1.2 on OS10.13.6.

looks like San Angelo to me. sometimes it just takes a while for changes to propagate. if it still hasn’t refreshed by now, try opening up the observation in a new browser tab, or close down your browser altogether and reopening, and see what happens.

The orange points on the map will temporarily show the old location, but they update eventually. You can see it updating sometimes by zooming in and out.

old pin still showing:

zoomed in a bit and it disappears:

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Yup, y’all are correct. We can delete this thread.

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