Many observations are missing from explorer view

I got a real scare tonight. Using the app on iOS, I looked at the map of an area where I observe frequently. I saw only four of my observations. This kind of freaked me out.

So I went to the browser view in Safari on my iPad. Same thing happened. Really freaked out now.

Went to Safari on my MacBook and got the same result. I got really nervous about my hundreds of observations…

So I did an experiment on my Mac.

If I search my observations for nine-banded armadillos, I get two hits from 2014 using this UR:

If I search my observations for cardinals, I get 2 hits, one in 2014 and one in 2019, using this URL:

But if I search the street where the armadillos and cardinals were found (Vaquero Cv, Austin, TX):

I get four hits, none of which is an armadillo or a cardinal. All are in 2019 although I have several years of observations on this street.

This is the same result I get if I just explore my observations using the map to zoom in on that street and if I use the iOS app.

I used to be able to see all of my observations. What is going on?

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P.S. I get the same result using Chrome on my MacBook.

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your armadillo and cardinal observations are obscured. make sure you’re actually logged in when you’re querying for your obscured observations?

(when i query for my own obscured observations in specific locations, the observations do get pulled back, although they don’t always show up well on the map. maybe that’s the issue?)

yeah, obscured observations often won’t show up as your real location, even when logged in, depending on what page you are looking at. I suspect it’s computationally intensive to query for each map or search page to see which observations one does or doesn’t have access to. I think such has been requested in Google Groups, though.

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well, i mean they don’t always show up on the map, even as obscured circle points – at least they didn’t for me this morning.