Editing boundaries of a Place

I would like to make minor changes to a ‘Place’ polygon that I created for a Project in my neighbourhood. However, I can’t find a way to do this without creating a new ‘Place’ with the changed boundaries. That seems clunky. Is there a way to simply edit an existing polygon that I’ve created?

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image search for your place

click the edit button, you can then drag the nodes to edit. Make sure you press ‘save’ to the right of that button, as well as save at the bottom.


It might take a little while for the new boundaries to be fully functional as places are quite taxing on iNat’s infrastructure.

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Thanks @thebeachcomber and @tiwane for replies. I was able to edit the place, but via a different route. None of my Places show up when searching in Find a Place search box. However, they do show up if I search in the general search box to the right of iNaturalist.ca in the header (see example). Then if I click on ‘About’ the system displays the information @thebeachcomber suggested and I can click on Edit Place. A quirk of iNaturalist.ca? Also, why do none of my Places show up when searching in the Find a place search box?

Looks like you did not give your places a parent place:

The search on iNat.ca’s places page only searches for places that have a parent of “Canada”, I believe. A parent place should be the smallest place that entirely encompasses your place (like a county, district, state, or province). For example, here is Algonquin Provincial Park’s place:

You can see its parent is Nipissing, Nipissing’s parent is Ontario, and so on. This puts a place in iNat’s places hierarchy. So if you edit your place and add a parent, it should start showing up in searches on iNat.ca’s places page. But I recommend using the header search for pretty much everything, for what it’s worth.


@tiwane thanks again for the quick reply and explanation. All fixed!

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