Entities number does't match when exporting data

There are at least two methods to export data. The first one is to create a query directly with the export tool page, and the other one is to create a query on the Explore page then drag down the ‘Filters’ and choose ‘Download’, then it will show the export page with a query.
Since I want to be clear about the geographical boundary of my query, I used the second method. However, after I hit ‘Download’ bottom, the number of observation entities on the subsequent data export page is not the same as the number on my Explore query page. Here is the steps and pictures:
(1) Create a query on the Explore page: I customized two filters.

(2) Then I got the result: yes, that is what I want, and there is 378 observations.

(3) Hit the ‘Download’ bottom:

(4) Then I go to the export page, but there are 48338 entities! Then I check the query window, and I gues it is because the data information is lost.

(5) So I add the date range. Now it is much closer to the number of observations on the previous Explore query page (378), but still, not exactly the same.

I have checked the post from Jan 2020 on the forum with the keyword ‘export data’ but didn’t find an answer. I wonder why this happen and how do I solve the problem? Thank you :D

The date range you filled in on Explore is for the date added, but the date range you filled in on the export page is for the date observed. If you use the box that says “Created on” instead, that will make the export search match Explore.


Got it. I should have looked into it more carefully.
Thank you :)


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