Entomologist as unsung hero


And if you’ve never checked out Ali Ward’s ‘Ologies’ podcast, have a listen. Great show.


I tried it, but I’m not a fan of her interview style. Still, it’s great for entomologists to get good press.


Neat story!

I haven’t met Ali, but I did meet Lila a few years ago, she sat down for an interview and also helped set up interviews with other members of the Community Science dept at NHMLA. She and the rest of the dept are really cool. Lila’s also one of the founders and leaders of the City Nature Challenge.


Perhaps people who have an eye for the small, hidden things in the natural world, like insects, have a similar attentiveness for that same spark in other people, even if they are depressed and weighing on ‘bigger’ issues.


To me, the real unsung heroes are the entomology collection curators: underpaid, overworked, a 100 year backlog of tasks (not kidding), yet none of the notoriety or fame of the ground pounders who get to go outdoors, and make new discoveries. These folks keep the massive collections from going to ruin, keep it all in order, and don’t ask for much. When a dumb ground pounder like me needs to check out something in the collection I’m welcomed with open arms, and nothing asked in return. These people to me are the heroes.