Erroneous link for subscribing to an observation in dashboard

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When viewing my dashboard, if I click on the link in the top left corner of an observation to follow/unfollow (subscribe/unsubscribe) an observation it will instead take me to my account settings page. This only happens on the dashboard with observations in which someone ‘mentions’ me. Observations with ‘comments’ or ‘identification’ do not have this issue. In the screenshots provided, I hovered over the tool meant to link to subscription option at the top right of an observation in my dashboard (in which I am mentioned) to show that the link is to my account settings (bottom left), not to the edit observation settings as intended. The first screenshot (where I am ‘mentioned’) shows the broken link (bottom left); the second (where I am not ‘mentioned’) shows what it does when working properly. This problem has reoccured for weeks now and it is always the first observation, never the second, that has this issue. If I enter the observation itself, the links work as intended and this only shows up when viewing the dashboard. Each of the links work when this occurs, but they just link to the wrong url sometimes.

Step 1: Click on (or hover over) the follow/unfollow (subscribe) link for an observation at top right when viewing one’s dashboard.

Step 2: Link is to account edit page, not to follow/unfollow (subscribe) an observation as expected.

That is @mentions working as intended.
There is a second notification for the comment or ID, and I unfollow there. Or click the obs to open it, and unfollow there.
Have taught my autopilot NOT to click @mentions - I do not WANT to go to Settings, thanks.

Yes, I moved this out of Bug Reports because the system seems to be working as intended.

The dashboard activity is triggered by two different routes:
a mention
an action on a followed observation

To stop/change the first, you would need to change your account settings
To stop/change the second, you would need to unfollow the observation.

NB: Subscribing and following are distinct things on iNat, so that may be part of the confusion.

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