Received a dashboard notification about a user's observations 18 hrs after unfollowing him

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Step 1: Followed Ron Vanderhoff by hitting “follow” on his profile

Step 2: Went to the relationships settings, checked the box “Trust with hidden coordinates” and unchecked the box “Following.” I did this on the evening of Jan 13th.

Step 3: On the afternoon of Jan 14th, he added observations and I was notified in my home page feed.

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Possibly related: it is not possible to hit “save settings” after editing a relationship.

The dashboard/home page is cached/doesn’t update with future changes immediately. If you go to their profile, does it still say you are following them?

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How immediately is immediately? I unchecked the box and about 18 hours later received the dashboard notification.

It does not say I am following him on his profile.

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If I check or uncheck Following and I go to that person’s profile page, their profile page reflects my choice. So it’s working as designed. And editing these relationships doesn’t require that you Save Settings, that button only turns blue when it’s necessary to save your new settings.

As @bouteloua says, the news feed on the dashboard is cached, it should only change every 15 minutes or so.

He posted those observations 18 hours after I unfollowed him. Why was I notified?

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I have updated the title since it seems my point was unclear.

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The glitch continues. This is a different user obviously, but I also followed, trusted, and then unfollowed James on the evening of the 13th, the same way as I described for Ron above. Jame’s profile says I am not following him, but I was notified when he made observations about an hour ago.


Maybe the system interprets “trusting” as also implying “following”?

Here we are again, just notified

and I’m still not actually following the guy

Thanks, I’ll add it to my weekly report.

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Also made a bug report here:

@arboretum_amy this should be fixed, I can no longer replicate it.

Thank you for your work! You are quite quick.

Your comment was at 7:24 pm; ironically my dashboard has another observation set by Ron timestamped 7:39 PM. I’m going to wait and see if it happens again; if it does I will try un-trusting and re-trusting to see if that resets things. Thanks again.

If I do nothing, I continue to receive the dash notifications. If I remove the person from my relationships page, and then repeat the original procedure (follow, trust, and then unfollow) then the problem is solved. Thanks again.

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Yes, the fix is only to prevent this happening since it was deployed, it’s not a retroactive fix.

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