Cannot login on Macbook pro 13 inch M1 chip

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Step 1: I cannot login. I get an account with email Frederick and I cannot change it

Step 2: I cannot change passwords because it is a broken account.

Step 3: I want my iNaturalist account to be like my iNatForm account.

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Are you using the iNaturalist app or the iNaturalist website? While it’s possible to use the iNaturalist mobile app on an M1 Mac, it’s not designed for that use and I would recommend using in a browser rather than the iNaturalist app.

I assume you mean “iNat Forum”? The forum is hosted by, not iNaturalist, so the account is a totally separate one from your regular iNaturalist account.

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Did you see the screen shot?

my email is

This issue was resolved at

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