"Error. The certificate for this server is invalid..." when logging in or refreshing observations on mobile

This bug is on the iOS app, 2.87 build 558

When I refresh or log in to my account on the app, I get the following message:

Looks like there was an error: The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “inaturalist.ca” which could put your confidential information at risk.

Before I had logged out, my observations displayed and uploaded fine, but I couldn’t read my notifications. After logging out and back in, being given the above error message, and restarting the app, all my observations display no photos, comments, or IDs.

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The SSL certificate for inaturalist.ca expired a few hours ago. We’ve contacted them about getting an updated version as soon as possible. Hoping to have everything back up by tomorrow.

In the meantime it’d be best to use inaturalist.org in a web browser until inaturalist.ca’s certificate has been renewed.


Thanks for the info! Looking forwards to seeing it updated. I’ll take your advice for now

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I’m getting the same message on a PC. Kaspersky anti virus program.

Edit: I read the link messages, and am not getting messages for the iNaturalist.com site - I work on two pc’s, and did not notice that the machine I’m on right now is the latter. Live and learn!

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That explains the ‘privacy warning’ errors I’ve been getting on PC. Thanks for the heads up

OK, the new certificate for inaturalist.ca is up. Website is looking good for me. @mws are you seeing any errors when using the app?