Exclude "captive/cultivated" from a project


I am currently managing a project collecting mammalia observations in Luxembourg: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/mammalia-luxembourg

I wold like to convert it to a collection project to not need to add every observation manually.

However I want to exclude all “non-wild” observations (to not get pets: dogs, cats, cows etc.). This is currently not an option to only put “wild” observations into the project. The only thing I can do at the moment is to “exclude” every species that is a typical domestic species, it would however be more useful to simply exclude every non-wild observation.

This is what I would get when not excluding non-wild ones: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=137976&taxon_ids=40151&verifiable=any&without_taxon_id=43583

This is what I get when adding “wild” to the same search: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?captive=false&place_id=137976&taxon_ids=40151&verifiable=any&without_taxon_id=43583

This option is available in the normal search but not in defining a project.

if you are talking about things specifically marked as ‘wild’, you might not want to do that. Since wild is the default unless marked otherwise, people generally leave the field blank.

If you untick the box for “Casual” observations in your project, that should work, I think?

One way to do it is to remove the “Must be wild” rule from your current project and, once you have converted to a collection project, allow only Verifiable and Research Grade observations. A verifiable observation has a date, location, media evidence, and is not marked captive/cultivated. So this would remove anything marked as captive/cultivated from the project and prevent anything marked captive/cultivated from being added to it. It would also, however, prevent any casual grade observation from being included in the project.


I suspect this may intentionally be an old style project as it states it is submitting data to a government agency, which likely means they want any obscured locations.

@cmcheatle yes so far it is intentionally a “old style” project, mainly because we wanted to also include “casual” observations. We rarely have any obscured locations however.

@charlie I was talking about thinks that are by default “wild”, not observations that are marked as wild. With the normal search function one can choose “wild” or “captive”, the first excluding everything that is “cultivated/captive”.

As a group we wanted to have a tool to record observations without images (some species are obvious ti ID in the region - hogshead, squirrel etc. - but hard to photograph).

@deboas @tiwane I however want to include any observation (also casual, because having no image) into the project. I only wanted to exclude anything that is “captive/cultivated”.

I guess the project will stay an “old style” project for now. Maybe in the future collection projects will allow more refined searches.