Sort species by taxonomy in a project

I have a project for my garden

And my life list which I can sort thru to hunt for (species or) broader groups.

Is it possible to tweak URLs or filters to make this list more user-friendly?
Sorting by taxonomy is what I would like to access.

I can toggle to species but that is UNhelpfully sorted by number of obs of.

I can toggle to a list for my suburb, but I used a pinned location not a new place, so Fish Hoek brings me all the plants from nearby hikes (including what I want that’s in my project)

A life list taxonomy display for a project?

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See this recent wiki post on modifying URLs to search for things. I did this:
and got all the dicots in your project.

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how about


Thanks - I will bookmark your link.

It has been fascinating to read to read down that list and see who is related to who among the plants I see every day. Halleria is Stilbe family …

Does this just work on Traditional Projects?

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