Filters override search URL

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Step 1: I type in the search URL, including the specification &order=asc for ascending order.

Step 2: The “filters” dropdown reveals that the observations are being shown in descending order.

Step 3: There are 810 pages of observations, but the current page shows observations from 8 hours ago – meaning that they are, in fact, being shown in descending order despite my specifying &order=asc.

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Ascending is defined as “increasing in size or importance”, meaning observations should be displayed from most to least recent whenever the Ascending filter is selected (as in the present case). As such, I think your filters work just fine and you simply confused the definitions of ascending and descending.


in your URL above, you’ve specified order=asc twice. if you specify it just once, you should see observations in ascending order.

that the filters show sort as descending is a bug, i suppose, but my take is that if you override in the URL, whatever you specify in the URL should take precedence. you don’t actually have a case here where “filters override search URL”.

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