Identify modal cannot remove sort by ascending filter

Web. Chrome. This happens with both API 1 and API v2

Go to the identify modal and sort by any mode acending e.g.

Try to remove the ascending argument from the filters menu. It cannot be done. The only way to remove the ascending filter is to modify the URL.

This is what happens when you open the filters menu on that page. I did not modify anything before taking the screenshot. The page thinks it is already sorted descending despite the URL showing that it is clearly not.

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I had a similar problem with that.

As far as I know, I’ve had the problem for years and just manually remove the chunk in the url when changing up sort order, because I know to look for it by now. A bugfix would be most welcome!

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Same as Marina_Gorbunova and lotteryd. I’ve had similar problems for as long as I’ve used the site, but it bugs me every time. I use Firefox (currently 111.0.1) on Windows 10.

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One of the many things that have bothered me that I haven’t gotten around to posting. :)

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I see the same thing (Chrome, Windows) but can get around it by selecting “Ascending” in the filter box, and then, without closing the box, immediately clicking Descending. Then it re-sorts and modifies the search URL for me. It still doesn’t seem like it’s behaving correctly but I don’t have to manually modify the search URL, at least.


For me, it is possible to change the filter without editing the url. (This is using Firefox 111.0).

Starting from, if I change the sort to Ascending and then close and reopen the dialog, it actually shows Descending - even though the url still includes order=asc. However, if I change the filter to Ascending and then back to Descending, the filtering updates as expected (i.e. order=asc is removed from the url).

So, for me, the bug is that the sort filter (as shown in the dialog) doesn’t “stick” on the first try and needs two changes to get it back in sync.

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Made a github issue

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